Children’s Positive Affirmation Discs


Positive affirmations are such a powerful tool for children!

Did you know that when your child replaces a negative thought with a positive one, they’re actually strengthening their brain?
Using affirmations activates the part of the brain responsible for problem-solving, impulse control and emotional regulation.

Introducing positive affirmations at a young age will prove to be calming whilst boosting your children’s self esteem and improving their wellbeing.

Here’s an idea! Mount them on the wall using 3M tape so that your children can read them whenever they like.

Discs are engraved on lightweight ply, measure 100mm in diameter and come in a set of 10, including:

  • I am SMART
  • I am STRONG
  • I am BRAVE
  • I am HELPFUL
  • I am CARING
  • I am KIND
  • I am LOVED
  • I am WORTHY

Calico bag included for easy storage and safe keeping.

Please note that due to the natural grain in the wood used, each disc will be unique.


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